Original Paintings 

Beyond The Horizon Series  

The Horizon is the seen and beyond the horizon is the unseen. The unseen is where all creativity is born.  This unseen place of inspiration and vibrant energy is where these beautiful landscapes are created. 

I discovered Alcohol Inks, by taking a class. I was immediately addicted to their bold, brilliant, and iridescent color. I begin the process with a clean white tile or Canvas. I place a few drops of alcohol on the tile with a few drops of the ink. I tilt and tip the tile, to move the ink.  I also blow the inks through a straw or with just my breath. I continue this process until the tile is covered.  The artwork is then followed with a coat of Resin to seal and enhance the depth beauty and brilliance of the alcohol inks.  No paint brushes are used in this process.   This is symbolically letting go in both my art and my life on a spiritual level These vibrant works of art are created in a meditative state, born of spontaneity, love of color and letting the alcohol inks run in complete abandon. I have found much joy and relaxation in the abstract beauty of this process. Each piece of art is completely spontaneous and born of artistic inspiration... or IN SPIRIT.

Each piece of art is a one of a kind unique piece of joy and inspiration.~

Janet Blumenthal

The Painted Desert

Painted Desert.jpg
6 x 18 - $350 USD + shipping/handling

Desierto Azul

desierto AZUL.jpg
6 x 18 - SOLD USD + shipping/handling

No Boundaries 1 &2

No boundaries.jpg
(2) 6x6- $300 USD + shipping/handling

Oasis Treasured

Oasis Treasured- alcohol ink
6 x 18 -SOLD USD + shipping/handling

The Earth Has Music...

The Earth Has Music alcohol ink on
12x36 - $1400 USD + shipping/handling

Patina Earth

Patina Earth.jpg
12x36 - $1400 USD + shipping/handling

Vista Azul

6 x6 - SOLD + shipping/handling

The Oasis

6 x6 - $150 USD + shipping/handling

Cooler Harmony

Cooler Harmony alcohol ink
6x18  SOLD + shipping/handling

Amber Waves Of Grain

Amber Waves of Grain.jpg
6 x 18 - $350 USD + shipping/handling

Garden delights 1

Garden Delights 1 alcohol Ink
6 x6 - $150 USD + shipping/handling

Garden delights 2

Garden Delights 2.jpg alcohol ink
6 x6 - $150 USD + shipping/handling

Cielo Rojo 2piece set

Cielo Rojo alcohol ink.jpg
(2)  6x6 $300 USD + shipping/handling

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon.jpg
6 x6 - SOLD  USD + shipping/handling

The Gathering

The Gathering.jpg
6 x 18 -SOLD USD + shipping/handling

The Falls

The Falls 6x18 alcohol ink on tile.jpg
6 x 18 -SOLD USD + shipping/handling

The Earth's Music

The Earth's Music -Alcohol ink
24x48 - $1580 USD + shipping/handling